4 Architectural Benefits of A Commercial Overhead Glass Canopy

December 18th, 2020 | in Commercial Glazing


When the topic of glass canopies comes up, you likely have a building or a business that comes immediately to mind. That’s because these beautiful pieces of architecture are memorable and welcoming. Evoking both a modern and minimalist appeal, their endless design potential will give you any aesthetic you’re looking for. Here are some more great benefits of overhead glass canopies for commercial buildings and businesses.

  • Design

Blend in, enhance, or make a statement. Whatever you choose, there are nearly endless possibilities in glass canopy design. A commercial glass services company in Vancouver will work with you to create exactly what you envision. Will that be a canopy that seamlessly integrates with the surrounding aesthetic, or a canopy that makes you stand out from the crowd?

  • Versatile

Glass is a timeless material and extremely customizable. It can be made into any shape, size, thickness or design. You can keep it clear, for a sleek, sophisticated look, or give it some colour. Go bold to create an impression, or tint with a muted shade to invite people closer.

  • Functional

Glass canopies act as the focal point of your business, telling people at a glance how to get to your front door. They provide natural light and shelter from the rain, wind and snow, giving people the time and space to collect themselves before entering or leaving your building.

  • Durable

Glass canopies are made from tempered glass to be strong and last a lifetime. Other types of canopies, made from fabric, plastic or wood deteriorate over time and must be replaced or repaired often to look their best.

Panorama Glass offers professional commercial glazing throughout Vancouver. Overhead glass canopies can be made to custom fit your area, with a variety of unique styles. Our team can help you choose what shape, style and framing options will suit your outdoor space. Give us a call at 604-328-0239.

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