4 tips to maintain exterior glass railings

August 27th, 2018 | in Panorama Glass Blog
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Glass railing systems are becoming more and more popular in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland. Home and business owners love the modern aesthetic, the open look, and the ease of maintenance. Taking care of them is so much simpler than people believe. Here are 4 tips to follow to maintain your exterior glass railing.

Although a custom exterior glass railing system is usually made of weather-resistant material, such as stainless steel or aluminum, the surrounding surfaces may not be so tough. Many glass railings are built into decks or balconies, which means that the structure may not last as long as the railing. Always check the areas where the railings are connected to the building and look for any weakness or shaking.

If the railing is built into the ground, such as around a pool or patio, ensure that the ground isn’t starting to erode away from the railing posts and that the structural integrity is still one hundred percent.

Clean with a softer dish soap or vinegar. Everyone wants their glass railings to be clean and clear so they can enjoy the environment around their home or office. So establishing a regular cleaning regimen that involves diluted dish soap or vinegar mixed with water is a very good idea. You want to scrub the glass to make sure you’ve removed any dirt, spots, or bird droppings.

Rinse the glass thoroughly and, if necessary, use a towel to dry them off. After using the soap and water mixture, it is important to remove all of the suds from the glass so they don’t cause streaks or spots on the glass. It usually is enough to let the glass railings air dry, but if you want to ensure they’re streak-free, towel dry them.

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