Are Glass Deck Railings Hard to Clean?

July 30th, 2019 | in Panorama Glass Blog

cleaning glass railings

Are glass deck railings hard to clean?

Answer: No, glassd deck railings are not hard to clean and keep up.

A common concern that people express before investing in beautiful frameless glass deck railings are that they will be difficult to keep clean and keep up. While some care will need to be taken, glass deck railings are not hard to clean.

How to Clean Glass Deck Railings?

A good method of cleaning dirty outside glass railings on your deck involves simple liquid dish soap. Dilute a few small squirts of dish soap into warm water. Using a soft sponge, wipe this onto the glass and gently scrub away any bird droppings, grease, or other dirt and debris that may be present.

Once the main debris has been scrubbed, use a hose and gently rinse away the soap and debris. Let the glass air dry. After this, if there are any streaks or hard water spots, white vinegar is a great cleaning tool for this. Dilute a cup of vinegar to every 2-3 cups of water, and use a squirt bottle to spray it on. Let it sit for a couple minutes, then use a soft cloth to scrub it. Rinse well with water and once again let it air dry.

To help keep the glass clean for longer in between main cleanings, try using a squeegee to wipe away excess water after heavy rains. This helps to wash away debris and keep harder water from staining the glass.

While there is some maintenance and cleaning involved to keep the glass looking clear and beautiful, it is not a difficult chore. Depending on your environment, this may need to be done weekly, monthly, or even annually. The little bit of simple work to keep the glass clean is well worth the beautiful railings, and the gorgeous view that the glass allows you to enjoy.


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