Are glass railings high maintenance?

January 17th, 2022 | in Glass Railing

glass railing maintenance

As one of the glass railing companies in Vancouver that specializes in these beautiful features, we often get asked this question. In answer, we can unequivocably say glass railings are the opposite of high maintenance. It doesn’t matter whether they’re designed for indoor or outdoor use. Made with quality components, they never need refinishing, restaining, repainting, or repairing due to rot or infestation.

In fact, glass railing can be described as no-maintenance, or low-maintenance. This is primarily due to the materials they are made of – tempered glass and stainless steel or aluminum.

The glass used in glass railing is tempered, meaning it is thicker and stronger than regular glass. It’s more commonly known as safety glass. It’s the same material used around a hockey rink, to allow fans a clear view of the action but protect them from flying pucks.

Paired with stainless steel fasteners the end result is a custom-made, exceptionally durable, long-lasting railing appreciated around the world for its timeless beauty, superior safety and strength.

As mentioned, glass railings need no additional finishes to continue functioning over the years, nor do they need constant maintenance to remain in peak condition, as wood does. To clean, simply wipe using a few drops of dish soap and water. Air dry, or use a lint-free cloth or squeegee to eliminate water marks and make the glass sparkle. This quick and easy procedure applies both to indoor or outdoor glass railings for balconies, stairways, pools and decks.

If you’re looking for an elegant, customized railing system that couldn’t be easier to care for, consider glass railing. We’re sure you’ll be as enchanted by it as we are.

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