Are there differences between exterior and interior glass railing systems?

September 16th, 2022 | in Glass Railing

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Glass railing systems are a beautiful addition to the exterior or interior of a home.

Exterior Applications of Glass Railing Systems

They are popularly used around the home exterior as part of a deck or patio, or as fencing for a spa or pool. The unobstructed view provided by glass railing is widely appreciated in these applications.

Interior Applications of Glass Railing Systems

On the interior they gracefully frame balconies and stairways. Glass railing brings class, elegance and style to any environment. When you see one, you instantly understand why these railings are greatly desired by so many.

Versatility of Glass Railing

Versatility is one of the premier qualities of glass railing. Because it’s made from exceptional materials like tempered glass and stainless steel, these railings are equally suitable for both indoor and outdoor architectural design.

Weather-Resistant and Timeless Design

Weather-resistant, durable, and timeless–capable of lasting a lifetime and never going out of style–glass railing is moulded to fit the required space for a seamless fit wherever you need it to be.

Functionality and Aesthetics

Glass railing offers the perfect combination of function and form. Areas feel larger and more open. Glass lets in more light to produce a pleasant, more airy atmosphere. With no uprights, bars or supports to climb or squeeze through, frameless glass railing is safer for children and pets. Additionally, the solid glass panels provide wind resistance and sound dampening.

Safety Considerations and Professional Installation

As with any railing system, safety is of the utmost importance and installation rules may differ between exterior and interior glass railing systems. Hire a professional exterior & interior glass railing system contractor in Vancouver who is familiar with municipal building codes and local safety regulations. 

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