Benefits of Choosing Stainless Steel Railings for Your Stairwell

May 9th, 2017 | in Frameless Glass Railings

A stairwell is an important part of your Vancouver home or business design. After all, they provide easy transportation between the floors of your home. But, did you know that a well-designed staircase can actually improve the value of your home? If not, you’re missing out on a fairly easy and affordable way to update your home.

Stair hand railings are available in many material choices, ranging from wood to metallic and even glass. With so many choices available you may find yourself struggling to make a design. But, if you’re thinking about installing or updating your stairwell, consider stainless steel for your design.

Stainless steel is made by mixing carbon and iron, making it incredibly strong. In addition, the neutral gray color provides a modern feel. But, that’s just the beginning. Stainless steel railings in a stairwell provide many benefits.

  • Durability: The most obvious benefit of stainless steel stairwells is their durability. Steel is a popular material amongst construction and building enthusiasts, and for good reason. When a stairwell is constructed with steel, it is fairly strong in comparison to other materials like wood or vinyl. This provides for both strength and endurance. 
  • Rust Resistance: Stainless steel has the natural ability to resist corrosion like rust. This means that over the years, your stairwell would remain clean and shiny – almost brand new in appearance!
  • Cleanliness: Wood or vinyl can be hard to clean, but it’s the exact opposite for stainless steel. It can be sanitized, cleaned and shined to remain beautiful for years to come. A stainless steel stairwell allows for a clean and healthy home.
  • Malleable: Metal is very malleable, meaning it can easily be molded to fit any shape. A stainless steel staircase can easily be designed around your home or style, no matter what crazy ideas you come up with.

While these benefits alone may have you choosing a stainless steel stairwell, that’s just the beginning. No matter your style, design or personality, a stainless steel stairwell can easily be molded to suit your needs and enhance your Vancouver home or business.

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