Benefits of glass railings for households with young children

December 23rd, 2017 | in Panorama Glass Blog
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When choosing a new railing for a deck or staircase, there are many things to consider If there are young children in the home, the number of considerations increases dramatically. At Panorama Railings, we believe that the benefits of installing frameless glass railings are incredibly important if there are young children present.

Improved safety

This is, by far, the biggest benefit. Children have a great habit of going where they’re not supposed to go and putting their hands in places they shouldn’t. Traditional slat or post railings usually have openings that children can put arms or, worse, heads through.

Glass railings are made up of solid pieces of glass. There’s no way a child can get stuck or even get through the railings. There’s no way they can drop something to the ground below and possibly break it.

A better view

Children are visually stimulated and want to see everything they can. Why obstruct their vision with slats or posts? Children don’t need to move around or over the railings to see Vancouver’s nature all around them.

For the parents, having an unobstructed view of the backyard is incredibly important when children are playing outside. They can watch their children without any blind spots or need to rearrange the chairs to make sure everyone’s safe.

Easier to clean

Yes, glass railings will have lots of little fingerprints if the children are playing around them. But all you need is a hose, some mild soap, and a squeegee and they’re as good as new. There’s no need to wipe down each individual bar post or slat.

Come and talk to one of the professionals at Panorama Railings and we’ll show you a safe and beautiful deck railing system, making your deck or staircase a safer place for your young children.

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