Benefits of natural lighting for workspaces

February 19th, 2021 | in Commercial Glazing

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Many of us feel a lack of energy or a heavier mood during the endlessly dreary days of winter. Did you know this is caused by chemical changes in the brain due to less light? Some people even sink into a depression that can last weeks or months. We know this as Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) or Seasonal Depression.

The best treatment for SAD or low moods, is increasing exposure to natural light. Research consistently shows the positive effects of natural light on peoples’ sense of wellbeing and mood. Just sitting near a window can help alleviate symptoms.

So how can we get more light? By installing custom office glass where we spend so much of our time--in our workspaces.

Offices that have lots of windows and glass partitions rate as happier, more productive places to work. Employees report brighter moods and are generally healthier and more satisfied with their jobs. Their energy levels go up, productivity goes up, and optimism reaches new heights.

Benefits of commercial office glass letting in natural light

  • Custom office glass partitions allow light to penetrate more deeply into office spaces.
  • Extra light, plus a clear line of sight, makes workspaces seem larger and more spacious.  
  • Natural light improves mood and happiness by increasing serotonin and endorphins in the body. It helps relieve stress, anxiety and seasonal depression.
  • Natural light is full-spectrum light and is good for the eyes. Too much artificial light, from monitor and phone screens, and fluorescent lights, strains the eyes.
  • People can better match their circadian rhythms to actual daytime, meaning better sleep. Better sleep means more energy for the daytime.

Custom office glass partitions can be frosted, clear, textured, or show off etched designs such as your company logo. Call us today to discuss how to get more light into your office using commercial glass.

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