Benefits of Outdoor Frameless Glass Fencing

August 29th, 2013 |

Frameless glass railings are very popular in Vancouver for both indoor and outdoor use these days. They provide modern simplicity combined with practicality, something that speaks to the quality of the design and allows for an incredible array of potential uses and installations. Frameless glass railings are used on balconies to maintain the views as well as indoors on staircases so that spaces feel open and large. But frameless glass fencing is also used in outdoor applications where they provide an ideal solution for people who want safety as well as an uninterrupted view.

One of the most common ways that frameless glass fencing is used outdoors is around swimming pools. Especially in homes where there are small children or pets that can’t swim, frameless glass fencing is unobtrusive yet secure. You can still design a stunning outdoor space, even if you’d like the swimming pool to be fenced off securely. Frameless glass fencing is strong and durable. The thickness of the glass ensures that it cannot be broken easily. Plus, an outdoor frameless glass fence will make cleaning and maintenance of the outdoor space easy. The fence itself is easy to maintain and clean, keeping the area looking beautiful all year round.

Other types of fencing tend to give a very different feel. Fencing can be kennel-like and often gets dirty in a way that is hard to remove. Not only does fencing restrict the view, only very few types of fencing actually look nice on their own. Frameless glass fencing gives outdoor spaces a sleek and modern look that can be maintained easily. Plus, because it is glass, your fencing will also act as a sound and wind buffer.

Explore the various ways that frameless glass fencing can be used both indoors and outdoors and you’ll find excellent and unique options for your Vancouver home.

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