Choosing between a framed or frameless glass bath enclosure

December 22nd, 2022 | in Glass Bathrooms & Shower Enclosures

surrey frameless glass bath enclosure

Do you need a boost this winter? How about elevating a unexceptional room in your house from modest to magnificent? Give yourself the feeling of luxury with a beautiful glass bath enclosure.  

Here in Vancouver, glass bath enclosures are a very popular upgrade from hanging curtains. They give a spa-like quality to your bathroom and instantly add value to your home. Since no two bathroom aesthetics are the same, there are framed and frameless enclosures from which to choose. Here’s how they differ so you can decide which is perfect for your bathroom

Framed Glass Bath Enclosure

  • Cheaper - With a frame for stabilization, the glass can be thinner than in the frameless variety.
  • Easier to install - Standard fasteners can be used with a framed enclosure.
  • Less likely to leak - the extra frame and caulking means water is less likely to leak under the door.
  • Options for look of frame - a variety of metals and finishes is available to customize the final look.

Frameless Glass Bath Enclosure

  • Easier to clean - with no hardware in the way, these are the easiest to squeegee or wipe down.
  • No interruption to eyeline - makes the room feel large, airy and relaxing, very spa-like.
  • More complex installation - require heavier glass and specialized hardware to provide stability.
  • May leak if installed poorly - it’s very important to hire professionals for a frameless glass bath enclosure installation

Glass bath (and shower!) enclosures are a stunning upgrade for any bathroom. If you wish to go further, look at adding a custom mirror to really brighten up the room and make it feel even larger and more special.

Panorama Glass professionals provide superior quality glass bath enclosure installations and custom glass projects for your home. Contact our team today to discuss your project and get a free quote.

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