Custom commercial skylight options

October 17th, 2022 | in Commercial Glazing


Winter is coming which, for us here in the Greater Vancouver area, means shorter days and less light. Fortunately, commercial overhead glass products like skylights are renowned for boosting natural light levels, along with mood, productivity, and overall sense of wellbeing. All these benefits are what makes commercial skylights in Vancouver an excellent choice for office buildings, schools, shopping malls, aquatic centres, gyms, and hospitals.

In each of these settings, commercial skylights come with several options so you can personalize them with both aesthetics and functionally in mind. Here’s a brief overview of some of the options.

Custom commercial skylight options

  • Type: Fixed or vented
  • Deck-mounted or curb mounted
  • Glass flush with the roof or 3-dimensional shapes
  • Single-, double- or triple-paned
  • Glass coatings

Type of commercial skylight

Fixed- these don’t open to the outside and are generally placed in high-up areas

Vented- these open manually, with a handle or with electric control. This option is good for letting out excess heat or humidity, ie. in a terrarium, bathroom or kitchen.


Deck-mounted- these skylights lie flush with the roof, creating an uninterrupted roof line aesthetic.

Curb-mounted- these sit higher up on a border called a curb. This type is better at preventing leaks. They can be larger than deck-mounted skylights.

Glass options

Flat- the glass lies flush with the roof, and can be shaped like a triangle, hexagon, etc. or a custom shape.

Vaulted- the glass is rounded, pyramidal, or custom-shaped. These options allow for the best look for your building or neighborhood.

Thickness- glass can be single-, double- or triple-paned. Skylight glass is tempered, meaning it’s stronger than regular glass. In the unlikely event that it breaks, it shatters into harmless granules.

Lamination- If there is concern about falling glass, there’s an option to use laminated glass. This has a coating between panes to keep the glass together in the frame if it breaks.

Coatings- the glass can be coated to reduce amounts of light, heat escaping, noise, condensation or to provide protection from UV rays.

These are just a few of the options available for commercial skylights in Vancouver. Talk to a professional glazer to learn more or to explore other options for commercial overhead glass like glass canopies.

Panorama Glass offers professional overhead glass installation, including commercial skylights & glass canopies throughout the Metro Vancouver area. Our team can help you customize the shape, style and framing options that will best suit your space. Contact us today!

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