Custom Glass Stair Railings - They're Functional and Beautiful

February 23rd, 2016 |
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A railing essentially describes a structure that is used as a guard or barrier or for support, such as on a balcony or next to a staircase. If you're looking for a perfect combination of beauty and uncompromising functionality, look no further than frameless glass and stainless steel stair railings.

While being aesthetically pleasing and enhancing the overall environment, frameless glass and stainless steel stair railings give you the security you need in any home or business setting. They can lend any environment a subtle, modern or minimalist feel, while marking off areas and boundaries, guiding the eye and demarcating areas within a location. They're combination of usefulness and attractiveness allows them to pull together an architectural design, provide unimpaired views and preventing spaces from becoming claustrophobic.

Made of glass and stainless steel, these railings are tough enough to take care of any safety concerns on balconies, terraces and staircases. Glass and stainless steel stair railings can be installed in place of traditional banisters or railings without fear, providing essential safety, while keeping your home open and full of natural light.

Since the staircase is often the centerpiece of a home, whether modern or traditional, glass stair railings, Vancouver-bound or otherwise, can be incorporated to great effect, highlighting a central feature and making it even more stunning.

Mezzanines are designed to add extra functionality to a living space or workspace, while keeping the environment open. A frameless glass railing here ensures that the openness is maintained and not negated by a wooden or purely metal structure, which obstructs light and views.

In the interests of keeping spaces open, glass and stainless steel railings are perfect for maintaining the natural views in and around your home or workplace.

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