Deck Railing Trends in Vancouver, BC

September 21st, 2012 | in Panorama Glass Blog

Many Vancouver homeowners are looking to make changes to their surroundings.  One area that people don’t often think of during their remodel is related to railings, specifically the railings for decks. But making a simple change to a railing can totally transform the look of any space.  Here are some of the hottest deck railing trends in Vancouver.

Stainless Steel Railings – This type of railing is always custom made.  They can stand alone or with a glass top finish.  Stainless steel is clean and modern, offering a unique look for any Vancouver homeowner.  This railing is the most durable and doesn’t need any additional vision.  It is very contemporary and comes in many different and special designs.

Glass Railings – This type of railing allows for you to have spectacular views without your railings getting in the way.  Frameless or topless glass railing can be made to fit and mold into any space.  Glass is safe and works really well for people who have small children or pets.  Glass offers protection from wind when outdoors, but it can also protect against noise, but without blocking the sightline.

Aluminum Railings – This type of railing is typically used as a means of providing security.  You find this railing most often outside, on walkways or patios, and it very common on decks.  This type of railing is highly popular for many reasons and they can be coated to be any color that you choose.  They can easily be customized and fit any of your design needs.  They won’t rot and they stand up in cold weather, plus, they are 100 percent recyclable.

With so many choices in deck railings it is no surprise that home owners in Vancouver are looking to learn about the latest trends in order to give their deck a look that is unique and special.  Choosing an experiences and licensed contractor is helpful in both making the decision on the right material for your project, as well as ensuring a safe, quality installation.

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