Different types of overhead glass to complement your Vanvouver home

April 24th, 2023 | in Panorama Glass Blog

types of overhead glass

Overhead glass projects like skylights or glass canopies add value to your home. Update your windows or deck with these attractive options to let in more natural light and be protected from the elements.

Types of overhead glass

  • Skylight: Install multiple skylights throughout your home
  • Glass canopy: Works as an protective roof for your deck or porch area

Skylights brighten up the environment and reduce the need for artificial lighting indoors–thus reducing electricity consumption. Additionally, natural light boasts numerous physical and psychological benefits. So allowing more natural light into your home can boost mood, enhance cognitive abilities and level of alertness, as well as improve sleep quality!

Glass canopies are a popular custom glass installation in Vancouver. They are essentially overhead roofs for your deck or porch, to protect you from the elements. Enjoy sitting outside no matter the weather! Natural light is allowed to fill the area so you’re not sitting in shadow even though you’re outside. This makes it easier to see so you can read, knit or work from dawn to dusk, rain or shine.

Another benefit of both skylights and glass canopies is they make an area look and feel larger, lighter, and more spacious. This is great for smaller yards or homes. They also let in natural views. For instance, a glass canopy doesn’t block your view of the trees or birds or squirrels, so you can enjoy being a part of nature but still safe from the rain–and falling nuts! Or you could opt for frosted glass to offer a bit of sun protection.

Panorama Glass carries a variety of unique styles. And each type of overhead glass project is completely customizable to your home and desires. We help you choose the shape, style and framing options to suit your aesthetic and budget. A new glass canopy or stylish skylight is sure to complement your home!

Are you ready for a gorgeous new skylight or glass canopy? Give Panorama Glass a call to get started! 604-862-8955.  We are Vancouver’s expert glass installers!

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