Different Uses of Glass Railings

July 2nd, 2013 |

The distinctive look of a glass railing can transform your Vancouver home or business with elegance and modern style. An expertly crafted glass railing possesses the perfect synthesis of modernity, functionality and a level of craftsmanship demonstrating uncompromising passion and precision. There are many ways to use the glass railing aesthetic and the only limit is the imagination. Many a successful innovative approach has been demonstrated and the final result is always chic and satisfying.

Bed and Bath Frosted Glass Divider Walls

Frosted glass slider doors in bedrooms can help to separate the master bedroom and bath. Modern or classic designs, whatever may be desired, can be etched into the plates for a custom look or for consistency of theme in the space. Unfrosted glass with hinges also makes a fine partition between the bedroom and bathroom and even for the entryway into the shower area.

Glass Railings on Stairways

Besides the common glass railings that are aligned up and down the stairs, current trends show that designers are featuring stairs attached to giant plates of glass that stretch floor to ceiling, giving a dramatic look with clean lines and the perception of space. These are great for Vancouver offices and modern Vancouver homes that have an open plan. Glass railings preserve the airiness but add safety to open staircases.  They can even be curved to match the flow of your staircase.

A popular option is frameless glass railing – glass railing without a hand rail across the top makes a room or an outdoor space feel open, even with its “force field” effect bordering decks, pools, offices and the like. When this “completely frameless” effect is installed perfectly, the look is unlike anything else.

Beautiful Security

Heavy duty glass gate railing materials can be custom fabricated to keep intruders out and privacy in, yet they also permit ethereal light. Shapes ebb and flow through their fogged translucency, allowing anyone on either side of the barrier experience a beauty that is sophisticated and mysterious, but keeping you protected.

Variety of Glass Railings

Glass railings don’t have to be crystal clear or frosted to obscure inhabitants. There are many textures and designs to explore, from custom patterns etched on the plates, to artisan kiln-formed glass that can form beautiful variations in pattern and light.

Whether you want a traditional glass railing for your Vancouver business or dwelling, or something no one has ever thought of before, it’s important that your contractor is ready to help you realize your vision, and skilled to see it through.

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