Exterior glass railings and Vancouver home resale value

February 23rd, 2022 | in Glass Railing


Vancouver’s real estate scene continues into 2022 as a seller's market. If you are putting your house on the market, or are thinking about it, and wondering what kinds of improvements might help boost the resale value, consider a stunning exterior glass railing.

Exterior glass railing has a beneficial effect on resale value for several reasons. For instance, its contemporary styling elevates its surroundings. It’s the most durable of railing options. It needs no additional finish and won’t rot, warp, or rust. And, the transparency of glass allows a clear line of sight. Very important for first–and lasting–impressions!

When it comes to curb appeal, prospective buyers get the chance to appreciate the home’s full architecture–elegant stonework and decorative planters or beds full of beautiful flowers for instance–with no wood or metal railing to obscure them. The property looks inviting and classy, and as large as can be. And when viewers come inside and look out, they are treated to unobstructed gorgeous landscaping and breathtaking views.

Buyers with children or pets will also find a clear line of sight is a great boon as it allows them to see their little ones at all times while they’re outside. (Glass railing is also safer for children and pets because it doesn’t have slats for them to climb through.)

An exterior glass railing contractor in Vancouver will be familiar with municipal building codes as well as any other considerations for installing railing for a Vancouver home. There are many exciting options available to customise glass railing, such as colour, size and frame/or frameless. Ask to see a catalogue of options and previous work. Make your choice and they will custom design the perfect railing to make your house stand out amongst all the others. 

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