Glass Railing Curb Appeal

July 27th, 2017 | in Panorama Glass Blog
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We all want a beautiful home. We want the neighbours, as they walk by on their nightly stroll with their dog, to take a second look at our homes and wonder whether they can afford to have their house look just as good. This is why we paint and mow and plant and do all the little things that make our homes look better.

Glass railings are a way to do just that. Ignoring all the benefits of putting a glass railing system on your deck, like the ease of cleaning and the increased visibility, having a glass railing on your deck will draw attention of the most positive kind. Your deck will look modern, sleek, and stylish. Instead of yet another boring wooden or metal post deck, your home will have that special something that grabs the eye.

Just take a look at our gallery of exterior glass projects here in Vancouver. Don’t worry, we’ll wait until you’re done…

Was there any exterior that wasn’t immediately improved by adding a glass railing? Most deck railing systems are boring and look the same, no matter what little extras you put into the plans. But with a glass railing, your home will stand out and look more interesting.

And if you’re thinking of the resale value of your home, the added curb appeal will do nothing more than add to the value of your house. Just by installing glass, you’ll make a valuable addition to your home. And when you post those pictures on a real estate site, your home will pop off the computer screen. People just can’t take their eyes off a home with a great glass railing.

So come talk to one of us at Panorama Railing about a railing for your deck and we’ll show you how we can make your home even more beautiful... and get the neighbours to stare as they walk by.

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