Glass railings and noise resistance

June 17th, 2018 | in Panorama Glass Blog
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As Vancouver gets busier, more crowded, and the population density increases, one problem that needs to be considered is the added noise pollution. More people means more noise and when an area becomes more and more congested, the noise levels increase.

For a homeowner, dealing with that noise can become incredibly important. Having a nice, quiet home when there is noise all around can raise the value of the property and make the resale value much higher than expected. But more than the monetary advantage, a good night’s sleep is invaluable.

One area to reduce the noise in your home is by choosing the right outdoor railing. Experts on noise reduction always recommend having as many solid walls around your home, usually in the form of fencing. Instead of having a fence that’s open, allowing all the noise inside, they suggest a solid fence with thick wood that dampens the sound.

A common railing system, made up of slats and spaces, doesn’t offer any noise protection at all. There is nothing stopping the noise from coming into your home and disturbing you. But a frameless glass deck railing, with solid glass panels that block sound and wind, can offer protection that a regular deck cannot. Although thin, tempered glass doesn’t do much for noise protection, thicker, multi-layered glass can reduce sounds. If this glass is paired with sturdier framing materials, such as stainless steel fasteners, there will be a noticeable effect.

Getting a custom glass railing system installed on your deck or balcony, combined with thicker glass windows that fit their frames and are properly installed, can reduce the noise in your house and cut down on all the distractions of living in a big city. So come and talk to the experts at Panorama Railings and we can show you how to improve the look and sound of your home.

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