Glass Railings: Keep Your View While Keeping Safety in Mind

November 21st, 2013 |
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If you have a business with an outdoor area, you know that it’s no easy feat to designate that space as part of your property while also keeping aesthetics in mind. Glass railings are the perfect solution, as they provide the separation of a railing, without changing the view. If you have an elevated outdoor area, glass railings will provide the equivalent safety of any other railing, except the view will be crystal clear. They can be transitioned into staircase railings smoothly for a uniform look. And, like other railings, glass railings are effective at reducing injuries, and protecting children and pets from unnecessary risk.

Dining Al Fresco is More Pleasant with Glass Railings

If your business has an outdoor dining area, glass railings are convenient and look great. Unlike almost every other option, glass railings will provide wind protection without obstructing the view. In addition, you might find that glass railings reduce noise quite effectively, which can improve ambiance even in busy areas of town. Guests will be able to dine outside later into the season, they’ll be comfortable on windy days, and your outdoor space will feel more spacious than if it were enclosed by other railing options.

Think Outside the Box and Use Glass Railings Indoors As Well

Many traditional railings can be replaced by glass in order to give a more open and modern appearance to both outdoor and indoor spaces. For example, you might consider installing glass railings on an indoor staircase. By opting for glass railings, you will be reducing the number of walls in your indoor space you can really open up the space.  You will find that an indoor office area or home’s look can be completely altered to provide an open air aesthetic.

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