Glass railings mean more light for your summer plants & flowers

July 26th, 2018 | in Panorama Glass Blog
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No matter whether you live in a house, a condo or an apartment, people all over Vancouver love sitting outside on their deck or balcony so they can enjoy the sunshine in the summer. It’s a common sight these days – a family barbecuing and then dining outside, reveling in the freedom a deck offers.

Having a glass deck railing just makes the time spent outside even more enjoyable. These railings provide unobstructed views for everyone, allowing people to see the beautiful surroundings we’ve come to expect in the Lower Mainland. There are no slats to prevent you from seeing the world around your home.

For plant lovers, a frameless glass deck railing system will bring healthier plants because they get more sunshine. Another common sight on Vancouver-area balconies and decks is a huge collection of foliage grown for all manner of reasons. No matter if it’s perennials or annuals, vegetables or herbs, people love the idea of having a deck garden to care for and develop.

Aside from water, what’s the most important thing for a plant’s health? Sunlight. Lots and lots of sunlight. By placing plants on a deck with a glass railing system, you are allowing the greenery to get full exposure to sunlight without having to deal with the slats of a traditional railing system.

Ensure that you have planted flowers and herbs that thrive in direct sunlight. Many of them are also great on decks, because they grow well in containers as well as the ground. Some plants you may want to consider are: lavender, rosemary, purple coneflower, aster, hibiscus, petunia, marigold, geranium, and many others. Talk to a local nursery about what would work best on your deck.

If you’re looking for that perfect deck, with vibrant, bright flowers and an amazing frameless glass deck railing system, come and talk to our friendly staff at Panorama Railings. We’re experts in making your deck look spectacular.

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