Glass Stair Railing Home Ideas

November 15th, 2017 | in Panorama Glass Blog
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If you are in the market for a home renovation project, one of your best, new options is to use glass stair railings. When you have these installed, your world will open up in ways you never thought possible. 

Because glass stair railings are tempered glass you can bet they are safe to have in your home. Just think of the creative ways you can use these beautiful glass railing systems. 

Here are some home ideas where glass stair railings make all the difference. 

Contrasting rustic with modern. Imagine a wall of stone capped off with a cascading staircase of wood with totally unobstructed views because of the use of glass stair railings. By blending elements of rusticity with modern elegance, you've just created a one-of-a-kind look you won't see anywhere. 

Freestanding staircases.These are beginning to be seen in every city in the world. No wonder, because they look magnificent. Usually the stairs are fashioned in light woods, but what sets them apart is the look of total detachment from the rest of the room. Here the staircase stands alone. All because of the glass stair railings. Very impressive. 

Decks with unobstructed views. Never mind those clunky wooden railings that once ran the length of a deck. Now with frameless glass railings, you can step outdoors and feel as if you're in the middle of it all. You're not just on the deck, you're right where you are looking; the oceanfront, lakeside or woods. 

With using glass stair railings throughout your home, in the kitchen, bath, decks, staircases and as wall dividers, you'll think you're walking on the Grand Canyon Skyway with nothing but 2000 feet of air between you and your next step. 

Clean, modern and striking. It's not every material that brings those words to mind. Glass stair railings can give you the best home renovation you've ever experienced. 

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