How are frameless glass deck railings fastened?

March 15th, 2022 | in Frameless Glass Railings

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One of the strengths of glass railing is its versatility and customizability. The fasteners are no different. There are several options to choose from to get the right look for your home. In this month’s blog we’re going to talk about the different types of fasteners available for frameless glass deck railing installation.

Generally, there are 3 types of glass deck railing fasteners. These are: 

  • Base rails
  • Talons or pins
  • Posts and clamps

Base Rails

Glass panels fit inside a long-running base rail, allowing for a large area of unimpeded viewing. This system is minimalist and strong, simple and elegant. A top rail can be added for interest or aesthetics.

Talons or Pins 

A talon spigot looks like an upside down letter T. They are easy to install and hold the glass on both sides. Talon spigots can be side-mounted or floor-mounted, making them a versatile fastening option. There are specialty talons for angled railings such as those framing stairways.

Pins look like 2” round, flat, metal buttons fastening the base of the glass panel. This is a simple, unobtrusive, clean look that is also very strong. Pins are customizable for both level and angled applications.

Posts and Clamps

This type of railing uses posts in between each glass panel and requires clamps to hold the glass in place. Popular for its look and versatility, this style of fastening boasts side-mounted or surface-mounted options and can be framed with a handrail set on top or flush-mounted on the side.

All fastening options are stainless steel and equally durable when correctly installed. We recommend hiring professionals for any frameless glass deck railing installation to ensure all safety standards are met.

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