How are glass railing projects costed?

September 20th, 2021 | in Glass Railing

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Glass deck railing is an increasingly popular choice among homeowners. It’s no wonder because glass railing systems come wIth advantages like unobstructed views and improved safety for children and pets. As people are looking to replace existing deck railing, or have a beautiful new railing installed, they are asking about how glass railing projects are costed. Here are a few ways various choices affect the cost of a glass deck railing.

Factors affecting glass deck railing cost

  • Length and shape
  • Size and type of glass 
  • Hardware 
  • Gates and handrails

Length: As you might expect, the longer a railing is, the more materials and labour hours required.

Shape: A big advantage of glass railing is that it is customizable to any shape. Since this requires more work, glass railing that includes bends or has custom cut-outs is costed higher than a straight railing.

Glass: Glass deck railing uses tempered glass which comes in varying thickness and panel sizes. Additional customizations to be considered include colouring, tinting, etching and patterning. Panels can come with UV protection as well.

Additions: Adding a gate or handrails to your glass deck railing will increase the cost.

Hardware: Posts, fasteners, clamps, brackets, end caps, and top rails, all factor into the final cost. Fasteners and handrails are made of stainless steel. Stainless steel is ideal for outdoor applications.

When all the choices are made and costs added up, glass deck railing can be a larger initial outlay compared to other railing systems. However, this higher upfront cost is made up for with a beautiful, more durable system that will last years, with very low maintenance requirements.

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