How Glass Railing Systems Can Provide a Modern Twist to the Traditional Home

October 30th, 2018 | in Panorama Glass Blog
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How can a glass railing system provide a modern twist to your home? Traditional home styles can be given a modern upgrade by simply changing the railings on the outer deck to a glass railing system. Glass railings are a popular choice for homeowners who appreciate a modern look, the ability to enjoy their view, and exceptional safety – especially if small children or pets live in the home.

Sometimes nicknamed “invisible railings”, glass railings do not take away from the beautiful view outside of your home – the glass railings showcase the yard and the scenery behind it. Many modern homes are now taking advantage of the modern and functional style of glass railings.

Some of the benefits of glass railings include:

  • Durability. The treated glass and aluminum posts used in a glass railing system do not corrode when exposed to water – this makes them exceptional choices for railing systems in the Vancouver area where it can be quite wet all year round. This type of railing system also tolerates changes in temperature, so they are durable during all seasons – even in extreme weather conditions.
  • Low Maintenance. Glass railing systems do not need regular maintenance such as staining, treating, or painting to maintain their look and durability. When compared to wooden railing systems, glass railings are extremely low maintenance.
  • Customizable, Modern Style. Glass railing systems come in a variety of styles, including frosted for more privacy or transparent. Your view will never be completely blocked, as it may be with a wooden railing system.

For homes with an excellent outside view, and homeowners who want a unique modern look to upgrade their traditional look – glass railing systems are a fantastic option. These railing systems offer many great benefits, and can provide a more modern-looking deck for years of enjoyment.

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