How glass railing visibility is maximised

February 23rd, 2024 | in Glass Deck Railings, Glass Railing

There are two ways to look at “glass railing visibility”. 

One relates to the highly coveted obstruction-free view which is the primary reason many people want a glass railing installation. This clear-view style is best maximised with a frameless design.

The other regards architectural desires and visual aesthetics of the glass railing itself. This is maximised with highly customizable framed glass railing.

We’re going to address both so you have all the information you need when discussing your ideas with a professional glass railing contractor.

Obstruction-free view with frameless glass railing

There is no better way to maximise visibility than to choose a frameless glass railing design. With no balusters or unnecessary hardware getting in the way, your eyes are free to take the beautiful surroundings. Appreciate stunning vistas, landscaping, gardens, stonework, art and other features in your environment to your heart’s content.

Architectural & visual aesthetics with framed glass railing

Your home’s architecture and your personal style are unique. Glass railing accommodates both through nearly endless customization. What would look better in your space? Framed or frameless? What kind of metal, aluminum or stainless steel? Brushed or polished finish? Do you prefer clear, tinted, coloured, frosted or etched glass? Is privacy a concern? Vary the opacity to your desired degree.There are too many customisation options to list here, however a glass railing contractor specializing in glass railing will be happy to go over all the design possibilities.

Visually speaking, some prefer to combine the traditional look for railings with updated material like glass. Framed glass railing is the perfect choice that is both classic and classy. Toprails and other hardware in this style come in a number of colour hues, shapes and finishes. Your personalized glass railing installation will be a stunning sight to behold.

Glass railings are all about elevating the beauty of your living spaces. If you’d like help, or already have an idea for a glass railing design Vancouver Metro glass railing contractor Panorama Glass will bring it to life!

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