How mirrors can be used to enhance your bathroom space

September 24th, 2023 | in Panorama Glass Blog

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Mirrors are a must-have for bathrooms. Even more so for smaller ones. It’s not just that they make a beautiful addition. Custom mirrors also provide important functionality by reflecting light and making a room feel much more spacious.

Bathrooms tend to be smaller and more enclosed than other rooms in the house. So having more light makes for a brighter, more airy, and more positive-feeling atmosphere. 

Custom mirrors can be installed anywhere in the bathroom, however, optimal placement would be opposite an already existing window. This will maximise the reflection of natural light coming into the room. If the window happens to look out upon some attractive landscaping or nature, this too will be reflected and give the feeling of being surrounded by natural beauty.

For smaller bathrooms, or for bathrooms with small windows, the larger the mirror, the better the effect of creating a feeling of spaciousness. It may be a small room, but mirrors give you the perception that it’s much bigger. If it’s not practical to hang a mirror opposite the window, then beside it would help to reflect as much natural light as possible. You can always have more than one, too!

Additionally, if you need more light (because sometimes the only lighting in the room casts a shadow across your mirror), consider adding a skylight, or a row of lights directly above your custom mirror.

Mirrors are one of the best custom bathroom glass solutions for bringing an extra level of comfort, brightness, and feeling of spaciousness and elegance to a very important room in your home.

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