How safe are glass railings?

June 17th, 2018 | in Panorama Glass Blog
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Glass railing safety is always a concern for home or business owners who are looking to improve the appearance of their buildings. Many people worry that the glass will break, or not support the weight that they believe other railings can. This is, quite simply, not true.

Glass railings are, in many ways, safer than traditional railing systems. Glass railing design has improved so much that they are continually coming up with ways to make these as safe as possible.

First, since glass railings don’t have slats or openings, it’s impossible for a child or pet to stick arms, legs, or heads through and get stuck or, worse, fall through. The space between the glass and the supports is too small.

Second, glass railings are difficult for children to climb on. There are no places for the child to stick their foot in and heave up and over, preventing falls.

Third, there is no fear of rot or decay. Wooden railings can deteriorate over time, as the elements affect them year after year. Leaning against an old wooden railing can be a frightening moment for a person of any size or weight. Glass railings, and their stainless steel fasteners, will never lose their structural integrity. They’re much safer over time.

Fourth, the glass railing installation process is incredibly safe. The fasteners are securely attached to the building, no matter whether it’s wood or concrete, providing a much stronger and safer connection.

Finally, the glass itself is tempered safety glass, which is about four times stronger than regular glass, and will not shatter into sharp pieces. Instead, tempered glass breaks into small, relatively harmless pieces.

We hope that you can see just how safe a glass railing system is. Buildings in Vancouver and all over the Lower Mainland can increase their property values, the aesthetics, and the safety of their homes or businesses by talking to Panorama Railings and installing a beautiful glass railing.

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