How to Choose a Vancouver Railing Contractor

June 9th, 2017 | in Frameless Glass Railings

So you are ready to install custom railing in your home. Whether it is for an interior stairwell or outdoor decking, proper materials are just one component of a successful railing installation. You want to do your research and ensure you hire a qualified railing contractor, who is going to deliver the project at a reasonable cost along with professional service. Here are 5 Tips for choosing a Vancouver Railing Contractor.

1. Ask for references from friends or coworkers. Check out railing work in neighborhood or friends homes, and ask homeowners who they used. People will give you the honest scoop, and as well as helping you find the right contractor, also let you know those you might want to steer clear from.

2. Pick a contractor who specializes in railings – a general contractor who offers railings as one of many services is less likely to be as skilled or have as many options available.

3. Research if they are members of the Better Business Bureau, as well as confirming that they are licensed and insured. Ask them what kind of warranty they offer on their labor, as well as any manufacturer’s warranty they may provide on the railing materials they install.

4. Check to make sure that the contractor is using high-grade materials. Lower grade materials may save you money up front, but cost you in maintenance or replacement in the long run.

5. For larger projects, railing contractors should provide an onsite consultation and give you a detailed estimate for the proposed work. It is good practice to compare a couple different estimates so you have a point of reference on what services/materials are included in the project, along with overall pricing. Make sure you understand the estimate and it includes all elements required for the project – no hidden or last minute unexpected costs. Don’t start work without written estimate and agreed upon payment schedule. Be wary of contractors who require a large deposit up front.

Custom railing can greatly enhance the interior or exterior of your home and should be considered an investment. Be sure the contractor you choose will deliver the best product possible for long lasting enjoyment and return on your investment.

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