How to choose between different types of glass shower enclosures

March 21st, 2023 | in Glass Bathrooms & Shower Enclosures

glass shower enclosures

No bathroom is too small, too narrow, too wide–too anything–for custom glass shower enclosures. In fact, choosing this solution to solve various issues gives you a lot of great options! To help guide your choice, here are a few examples of the best shower enclosures that address a variety of issues.

Small Bathrooms: Enhancing Space with Glass

Some bathrooms are small, even cramped. These are perfect candidates for glass shower enclosures. The very nature of glass makes small spaces feel and look more open. An unobstructed view makes them feel bigger as well.

Narrow Bathrooms: Customizing with the Right Door

If your bathroom is fairly narrow, you can customize your enclosure with the right type of door. A sliding, or bypass door won’t open into the room. Instead, glass panels slide next to each other in parallel tracks. It’s a sleek solution that won’t impinge upon your space. 

If your bathroom is narrower still, choose a pivot door. These can be installed to swing inward or outward depending on your personal aesthetic.

On the other hand, if your shower space is wide, this is also the perfect spot for a sliding or bypass door, only using 3 panels instead of the customary two.

Additionally, a modern option that is growing in popularity is to extend the wall of the enclosure so the water spray is contained, and have no door at all. This is a great option for wheelchair users or those with mobility issues who find traditional shower enclosures difficult to move in and out of.

Stand-Alone and Corner Enclosures: Maximizing Functionality

Stand-alone, or corner enclosures can be problematic because the square angles take up what is essentially unusable space. Glass really shines here because of how customizable it is. Corners can be rounded to eliminate them. This makes the entire space functional while taking away any corners you may have been prone to bumping into. Additionally, it softens the look of the room for more of a spa-like feeling.

Both are great options and aesthetics are a big part of this choice. However there are a few other things to consider that might influence your decision.

Framed vs. Frameless: Considerations for Stability and Cleaning

  • Framed glass shower enclosures use thinner glass because the frame provides the structure. Thinner glass, though still strong due to its tempered nature, is light, thus cheaper than that used in the frameless version.
  • Frameless glass shower enclosures use thicker glass to ensure the same level of stability as the framed version. Therefore it’s a bit heavier, hence costlier. However it is also easier to clean because there’s no frame around the glass.

We think custom glass shower enclosures are the right choice for every bathroom.  Whatever the size, shape, or allowances your bathroom needs, a glass enclosure is a beautiful and affordable solution.

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