How to Choose the Right Glass Railing System for Your Home

June 9th, 2017 | in Panorama Glass Blog

There are many benefits to choosing a glass railing system for your home, whether you need a railing for interior or exterior use. This type of railing system looks modern and beautiful, with clean lines and smooth surfaces. It is very safe, with no spaces for kids or pets to slip through, and offers you a clear, unobstructed view to the outdoor world or within your own home. With all of these great reasons to choose glass it’s no wonder so many people do – but how can you decide on the right glass railing system?

It’s important for your glass railing system to match the rest of your home’s aesthetic appeal. Think about the colour scheme of your residence – glass railing systems can be customized to nearly any colour, when you use aluminum in conjunction with glass. Stainless steel matches everything and offers a neutral but upscale look.

When choosing fasteners you should also consider stainless steel, for its durability and versatility. If you choose a glass railing system that incorporates stainless steel, stainless steel fastener will match perfectly.

Make sure the glass railing system you choose for your home is selected with height in mind. If you are using the railing in places where children and pets play, be sure it is high enough that there is less risk of injury. Glass railing systems are hard to climb and leave little room for kids and animals to wiggle through, so they are a great choice in places where safety is a concern. Glass railing systems are also customizable in terms of height, so you should have no problem using a glass railing system to keep pets, kids, and adults safe.

Glass railing systems are limited only by your imagination. If you’re curious to learn more, consider coming in for a consultation.

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