Picking a railing system that fits your home

June 17th, 2018 | in Panorama Glass Blog
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Choosing an interior railing system is a task often left to the very end of any remodelling or renovation project. Homeowners tend to focus on the more obvious things, such as the paint colour or the type of flooring, and forget about how important their railings are.

For any home with more than one floor, a railing is part of a centrepiece of the house. We use the stairs every single day, over and over again, going up and down to get from room to room. It is commonplace to see staircases in the centre of the home, close to the front door and attached to the main rooms or hallways we use. We should be spending more time thinking about whether our railings fit the décor of our homes.

Luckily, it’s easy to get an interior glass railing system that matches your décor and will make your home look better. Here are a few ways to fit your colour scheme and style.

Brightening the room
One huge advantage of installing glass railings inside a home is that they allow light to pass through them. Unlike wooden railings, which block large amounts of light and cast long shadows, glass makes the room brighter, showing off the amazing colours on the walls. They can reduce the need for bright interior lights as well, using more natural light.

One common theme when designing a home’s décor is to give a sense of space and openness. People choose lighter colours for the walls, hang mirrors, and even knock down walls to open the rooms up and make the home feel more spacious. Interior glass railings contribute to that by removing the visible barriers between the stairs and the room.

At Panorama Railings, we’re experts in finding ways to match our custom railing systems with your home décor. Our previous work shows off our care and expertise. Come and talk to us about making your home brighter and more spacious.

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