Popular handrail styles to finish your glass railing system

February 24th, 2018 | in Panorama Glass Blog
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Whether it’s for a home or business, for inside or outside, there are always many choices when deciding on a glass railing system. To make this system look beautiful, deciding on the right type of glass, its opacity, strength, and location will all contribute to the overall aesthetic of the project.
Choosing the right handrail is another important decision. Glass railing systems offer some very interesting choices to the customer and here are some popular styles that are appearing all over Vancouver and beyond.

A common style of handrails is to put the handrail above the glass, using the handrail and the supports as frames for the glass. However, a style that’s gaining in popularity is to place the supports of the handrails into the glass. The handrails appear to be floating in air, especially if the glass is colourless and clean.

Customer demand has also led to many new styles in shape and colour. Instead of the traditional, cylindrical handrails, many people are choosing to look for box-shaped handrails. The metal railings can be shaped in almost any design you want, so switching the shape can make the railings stand out even more. It’s also a nice way to match the railings and the supports.

Colour can add another great aesthetic look to the metal railings. Instead of the shiny, stainless-steel look that’s become so popular, many designers are looking for brushed metal, even bronze or gold in appearance. The colour of the railings can be changed to match the rest of the home or business in very exciting ways.

At Panorama Railings, Vancouver’s premier glass railing company, we can show you the latest and newest designs and styles as well as the traditional ones. No matter what look, style, or aesthetic you’re looking for, we can help you achieve your designing goals and produce the perfect glass railing system.

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