Primary components of a glass deck railing system

June 22nd, 2022 | in Glass Deck Railings

components of a glass railing system

The elegance and beauty of glass deck railing comes from the simplicity of its design. That simplicity is due to the fact that there aren’t a lot of parts to distract from the view. Since an unobstructed view is one of the top benefits of glass railing, the ability to have fewer components without compromising strength is an attractive and practical feature. Let’s look at what components make up a glass deck railing system installation.

Primary components of a glass deck railing system

  • Glass panels
  • Fasteners
  • Optionals

Glass panels

These are made of strong, tempered glass. They are entirely customizable. For example, they can vary in thickness and dimension, colour and texture, and levels of opacity. Plus they can feature custom-made designs or logos of your choice.


  • Base rails - a rail at the bottom holds the glass panels securely in place
  • Talons or pins - talon spigots or round pins attached the panels securely to a surface
  • Posts and clamps - regularly spaced posts clamp the glass panels between them

These 3 different types of fasteners allow for versatility in mounting on different surfaces, depending on the material and on the desired plane–for instance, horizontally, on a deck’s surface, or vertically, attached to the side. The strongest fasteners are made of stainless steel for durability and aesthetics.


Other features can be added, for looks or practicality. Handrails, top rails, gates and gate latches, end brackets for attaching railing to walls, and corner brackets or mid brackets for linking tops rails together.

With so many beautiful choices and areas to customize, it’s easy to fall in love with glass deck railing.

Once you’ve made your choices, contact a glass deck railing company in Vancouver for installation. They will make sure the work is professionally done and all safety codes and building regulations are adhered to.

We are pleased to showcase our gallery of stunning glass deck railing designs. Contact Panorama Glass to get your own customized design today!

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