Proper Installation of Deck Railing

July 11th, 2014 |

A critically important part of ensuring safety on a deck

The importance of proper installation of a deck railing cannot be overstated. Especially if the deck is high enough to pose a threat of injury (and most are) and when there are children who will use the deck. Despite the threat to safety, all too many people attempt to install a deck railing without any prior training or a complete understanding of the regulations and best practices to follow when installing a deck railing. This results in incredible dangers due to inadequate strength, poorly aligned railings, and cable railings that can easily be stretched out of the way.

Here are some common problems that occur when deck railings are installed incorrectly.

Properly Installing Cable Railings

Cable railings are great for decks where visibility is important. However, if they’re not installed correctly, they can be very dangerous. The tension of the cables needs to be very high, something that’s hard to achieve without experience and the proper tools.

Strength Requirements

Another common problem is that railings look fine, but cannot handle the weight of more than one person leaning against them. Proper installation of deck railings must include sufficient reinforcement to ensure that a child running into the railing doesn’t cause it to come loose. Not only are there logical safety considerations, there are also legal requirements for how much weight a deck rail can take.

Professional Guidance

Installing a railing is not as simple as it may seem. In fact, it requires an understanding of regulations as well as complex features such as post connections and railings on stairways. If you’re not experienced, it can be very dangerous to attempt to install a stair or deck railing yourself. Getting a professional from Panorama Railing in Vancouver to install your deck railing is the only way to ensure the safety of everyone who uses your deck.

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