Railing for Stairs: What are the Options?

June 9th, 2017 |

One of the top priorities when choosing railings for stair is that the railing is sturdy and stable. Attractiveness is not the only requirement the most important requirement should be safety.

There are many different types of railings for stairs such as wrought iron, wood and aluminum. There are many different materials and styles in the railings and a property owner will choose materials that are not only safe and durable that add ambiance to their home. The choice of materials will also affect the cost of your project, as well as the protection your stairs provide to those using them.

For outside railings, wood can be used, however, vinyl and composite railings are materials that are becoming increasingly popular as an alternative as the cost and the maintenance is much lower than that of wood. Vinyl is less prone to deteriorate over the wood; it does not have the threat of bug infestation and the harmful side effects of the excessive weather condition.

When considering a wood, pressure treated pine is much less prone to pests and rain, however, when exposed to excessive sunlight, does not stand up as well and loses its elasticity. In the long run composite is a bit pricier but tends to pay for itself.

For property owners that are seeking a metallic stair railing, wrought iron, chrome steel and aluminum are all choices in style. The wrought iron is definitely the most appealing among the three as you are able to have it stand alone or combine it with other materials such as wood.

There are many choices for railings for stairs which include glass as well. Each has its own special unique characteristics and each holds a special element that makes it truly appealing. The design of them home and its architectural style will be a consideration that will help the property owner decide which is best for the home.

Our stair railing experts at Panorama Railing Contracting – Surrey, can help you choose the right solution for your White Rock, Langley, Surrey, Greater Vancouver or Sunshine Coast home.

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