Railings without Borders

July 30th, 2015 | in Panorama Glass Blog

Modern glass technology is so advanced, that beyond a basic support, frames are no longer necessary on glass railings around stairs, balconies or decking. Architectural metalwork can be subtle or fancy – especially when it supports and contains railings, but what is should never be is neglected. Rusted struts and dirty paintwork are unsightly as well as potentially dangerous. However, with solid glass panels, you have all the security of a solid barrier with none of the worries over wobbly rails or flakey paint. While glass will need cleaning, soap and water is a lot easier than stripping off layers with a blowtorch. 

Given the stunning scenery around Vancouver and the fascinating range of architectural styles, glass railings are an excellent way to make structures safe without disrupting the lines of your view, or the architect’s vision. Some people like to have brushed steel or wooden hand rails, but they are not necessary for the structural integrity of the glass railings themselves, even in the case of glass railings for stairs, as supported by Vancouver’s glass railings buildings regulations. Modern glass railing systems use structural glass which is much sturdier than conventional window glass and has various thicknesses, safety features such as shatter properties similar to car windscreens. 

If you are considering whether or not to go for glass or actual metal barriers, it is worth bearing in mind that a further advantage of glass over metal railings is that insects cannot nest in solid glass panels. When it comes to keeping insects, spider webs and wind out, solid glass is preferable to traditional steel balcony and decking surrounds. While this may be less important for an ornamental city balcony, glass railings for wooden decking do help to preserve the wood because they are not providing insect condos! Frameless glass railings are the best option aesthetically, for maintenance and protection.

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