Role of glass railings in open-concept design for Vancouver homes

April 16th, 2024 | in Glass Railing

Vancouver is home to  many beautiful, open-concept homes. This sleek, interior design style makes use of fewer walls in order to create large, unobstructed, roomy spaces. Different rooms flow seamlessly into one another to increase inclusivity and engagement. You’ve probably seen examples of this: a kitchen and dining room combination, which may include the living room as well. The end result is a home that feels larger, brighter, more open and inviting. 

You know what else also does that and more? Glass railing. 

In fact, custom glass interior railing systems are the ideal complement for open-concept homes. They fit the very definition of open-concept design within a railing system–removing barriers to the feeling of openness, while fulfilling the role of providing safety.

But did you know that glass railing also comes with additional benefits? With fewer walls, open-concept designs don’t have much to mitigate sounds, so they can be a little noisy. Glass railing provides the perfect buffer to dampen sounds in large rooms. They also cut down on draughts while still allowing lots of light to pass through. And they provide a clever way to delineate spaces, mark boundaries or just bring a little visual order to combined spaces.

Additionally, glass railing systems are endlessly customizable. So no matter what furniture, colours or themes you’ve chosen for your interior decorating, or even if you change things up in the future, your glass railing will blend in flawlessly.

Custom glass interior railing systems bring class and elegance to every home, and they truly shine in open-concept designs, even in smaller homes. 

Want another, complementary option to include the illusion of more space?  Use well-placed mirrors in addition to your interior glass railing. Talk to a professional glazier to ask how they would work for your home.

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