The Clear Advantages of Glass Railings

June 26th, 2015 | in Panorama Glass Blog

There are several different types of advantages to Glass Railings, and how important each of these are will depend on your needs. 

The primary aesthetic benefits are obvious. Put simply; framless glass railings, bannisters, or pool guards look great. They allow light to enter a room and create a sense of space – so important in the city, while allowing you to make the most of your view. The same applies for interior features, such as bannisters and mezzanine railings. 

From a technical standpoint, glass railings can be engineered into any shape and size, which gives enormous design flexibility. If you have small children or animals, frameless glass railings are safer than conventional ones because they can be constructed so that there are no dangerous gaps, without blocking all the light. The kind of glass used to make railings or deck surrounds is extremely strong and resilient, so breakage is massively unlikely. The smooth surface of glass is easily coated so other treatments such as reflective tints, pose no problems. The heating properties of glass can also be engineered to your advantage. 

The ornate cast iron railings of yesteryear are lovely to look at, but getting them properly clean in any city would require hours with a toothbrush! Unlike wood or metal railings, glass does not require varnish or fresh paint and is quick and easy to clean. Soap and water is also much cheaper than paint or sanding machines! The durability of the glass itself adds value to any property but has the further advantage of limiting rain cover on other structures, such as decking and balconies. 

Finally, glass added after the building was first designed won’t detract from the architect’s original vision, so they are as good to look at as they are to see through. 

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