The elegance of curved glass railing

December 18th, 2023 | in Glass Railing

curved glass railing vancouver

There aren’t a lot of square angles or corners in nature. So when they appear in our homes, we instinctively try to soften them because it looks and feels more comfortable.

However, you may have noticed most railings end up being angular, travelling from one point to another, made up of one or more straight sections.

But they don’t have to go in a straight line at all when made with glass. Curved glass railings bring the same organic, comfortable feeling that we naturally prefer.

Interior glass railing is entirely customisable, so it can take whatever shape you desire. For example, a spiral, or gently curved glass staircase railing; or a rounded or serpentine glass balcony railing. Imagine a sweeping shape for your own home. Curved glass adds class and elegance that your family, friends and visitors will long admire and enjoy.

Wondering if a new glass railing would truly fit in? Glass railing can be customised to match the rest of your décor. You choose the type of frame or to have no frame at all. Choose metal or wood for the frame and/or handrails as well as the type of finish or stain. The glass itself is tempered or laminated for strength and safety. It can be coloured, frosted or etched with a design of your choosing.

Your choices build a real conversation piece that has other benefits as well. Glass lets light pass through, so your rooms will look bigger and brighter as well as feel more open and airy. And the most beloved aspect of glass railing, it doesn’t block your line of sight. No shadows or dark corners–very important on stairs! Just a clear view of your beautiful furniture, woodwork, flooring and other decorative elements in your home.

Today’s picture is one of our own curved glass balconies, designed for a very happy client as an elegant showcase for their upper level piano room. Simply beautiful.

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