The process of installing an interior glass railing on a staircase

January 24th, 2023 | in Glass Stair Railings

modern interior glass stair railings

There are few design choices more beautiful or modern looking than interior glass stair railing. Not only does it open up a room with an unspoiled view, it boosts light levels and banishes shadows–both good qualities to have on a staircase!

The process of installing a glass railing can be straightforward or challenging, it all depends on where it needs to go. To give an idea of what is involved, let’s go over the very basics.

Process for glass stair railing installation

  • Choose design: There are many design options to consider. Do you prefer framed or frameless railing? What look do you want the glass to have? You can choose the colour, texture, level of transparency/opacity, etc. You can also choose the type and finish of the hardware used to secure the railing. 
  • Detailed measurements: Glass railing is unique in that it can be made to fit into any space desired, even curved. Taking detailed measurements is a must to ensure it fits securely into the space required.
  • Install mounting brackets
  • Add bottom rails, and/or top rails and/or glass clamps. The order depends on your choice of railing.
  • Insert glass panels: glass panels are made of strong, tempered glass.
  • Attach wall brackets, corner brackets and panel-to-panel brackets
  • Ensure everything is secured into place

This is a basic overview. If you have an interior glass railing project you’ve been thinking about, consider hiring professional installers like Panorama Glass. Our level of expertise, earned through decades of experience, will get your project past all the challenges and potential problems that are likely to crop up. Plus they have specialised tools for the job. Panorama Glass technicians are also familiar with all the municipal building codes required for glass railings, including maximum and minimum heights, spacings and thicknesses of the materials.

Panorama Glass will take detailed measurements of the required area, go over all of the possible design options that best suit your existing or new space, and present you with an affordable quote that will fit your budget. Call us today! 604-862-8955

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