Tips on Spring Cleaning your Glass Deck Railings

April 24th, 2017 | in Panorama Glass Blog

As the weather turns nicer, you want to get outside and enjoy your deck. After all, what’s a spring in Vancouver without turning on the barbecue for the first time, sitting at your patio table, and enjoying the crisp night air while dining and enjoying a nice glass of wine?

You hired a frameless glass railing company to install something beautiful to protect your deck and be unobtrusive. But the spots and mess on the glass can ruin your view. So you’ve got to give those railings a good spring cleaning. Here are some tips to help you clean them off and be ready for your barbecues.

1.    Vinegar is your friend
You’ve probably heard that using vinegar mixed with water (at a 1:2 ratio) is a great, all-natural glass cleaner. It’s perfect for cleaning off glass deck railings because you’re not dumping any harmful chemicals into the ground under your deck and it’ll get rid of grime and animal droppings.

2.    Get a squeegee
If you don’t already have one, a squeegee is essential to keeping your glass railings looking streak-free and spotless. After you’ve cleaned off the glass, whether it with water, vinegar, or just after a good rain, running a squeegee over the glass will help remove any water spots or marks.

3.    Protect yourself
Outdoor glass deck railings seem to attract the droppings of birds from all over. Make sure you’re wearing gloves when cleaning off the glass—you don’t want to touch the dropping and possibly get yourself sick.

Finally, after you’ve cleaned everything off, make a visual inspection of the railings. Check the brackets and supports that are connected to the deck, ensuring that nothing is loose and none of the metal has corroded. You’re also looking for any sign of insect damage or rot. After all, a loose bracket could damage the structural integrity of the railing.

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