Top Reasons to Choose Glass Railings For Your Vancouver Home

October 27th, 2014 | in Panorama Glass Blog

There’s nothing worse than sitting on a deck in front of a stunning ocean view and not being able to see that view because there’s an opaque railing blocking it. You stand up to get a glimpse, and between that and the wind, eventually give up on the deck all together. In the Vancouver area, where views abound, a glass railing may be the perfect solution to your deck needs.

Modern, Sophisticated and Practical

Glass railings have many useful qualities, aside from their obvious ability to not obstruct your view. For one, they are extremely sturdy. They’re made with tempered glass and are secured into place with stainless steel fittings.

Easy to Maintain

They require less maintenance in the long run than their wooden counterparts. Wood will discolor, sprout splinters, and eventually rot, especially in the humid Vancouver climate. Wood needs protective finishes reapplied regularly. Glass railings, on the other hand, only need occasional cleaning. They maintain their original appearance for life.

Weather Protection with Light

So often in Vancouver, wind will drive us inside on an otherwise beautiful day. With glass railings, you can not only see your view, but you can enjoy it! Glass protects from wind and noise like no other railing material. It creates a private environment for your balcony or stairwell or loft, without sacrificing light or views.

Security That Doesnt Look Like Security

Glass railings look sleek, modern, and sophisticated and are virtually impossible for young children or pets to climb. They are installed with none of the panels that children can climb through on other kinds of railings. There are no upright bars or railings, either, which reduces injuries.

A glass railing is an aesthetically pleasing choice, but it is a lifestyle choice as well. It essentially expands your living space, and creates an outdoor living or dining room. It may just create the best room in your house!

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