What are some of the custom options available for glass deck railing

July 19th, 2022 | in Glass Deck Railings

exterior custom glass deck railings view

You don’t have to go far to see many examples of beautiful glass deck railing in Vancouver. Each one has been custom-designed to blend in seamlessly and complement its surroundings. In fact, customizability is a  big benefit of glass railing. All parts of exterior glass railing, from top to bottom and everything in between can be customized to fit the aesthetic you desire.

Custom options for glass deck railing

  • Top rail, hand rail, frameless
  • Bottom rail/fasteners
  • Glass panels
  • Posts and clamps
  • Gates
  • Size, shape and material

Top rails: There are several options to choose from for the shape of the top rail. Round or square are traditional favourites. You can choose to go with no top rail too, for a clean, frameless look and a truly unobstructed view. Or you choose to have a handrail installed.

Bottom Rail/fasteners: Depending on how your glass railing needs to be attached to your deck–with horizontal fasteners on the deck surface or vertical fasteners on the outside edge– you have the option of using a base rail, into which the glass panels sit, or spigots (an upside-down, t-shaped base fastener) or pins (a round dot shaped fastener).

Glass panels: There are a number of exciting ways to customize your glass panels. Choose your preferred level of opacity depending on how much privacy you want your railing to provide. Choose to colour the glass or have it frosted or etched with a beautiful pattern. Even custom patterns are an option.

Posts: Posts and clamps are another way to secure the glass panels with many different looks achievable depending on the type of post and clamp.

Gates: Gates are easy to work into a glass deck railing. This feature makes glass railing perfect for ringing a swimming pool or guarding access to stairs..

Size, shape and material: Don’t worry if the area where you want your railing is unconventionally shaped. Glass railing can be designed and shaped to fit any space. The glass panels themselves can vary in size and thickness and can curve and bend around corners! Parts are made from strong and durable stainless steel or aluminum with different finishes.

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