What hardware is necessary for frameless glass stair railings?

November 23rd, 2022 | in Glass Stair Railings

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We believe that frameless glass stair railing is eye-catchingly beautiful. It evokes a minimalist style that requires very little hardware to achieve its peak functionality and stunning visual appeal. The pieces that hold it all together are, themselves, a feature, allowing for a high level of customizability.  

hardware for frameless glass stair railing

  • Base rail, pins, spigots, posts
  • Glass connectors
  • Handrail

Glass panels attach to the stairs by means of a base rail, pins, spigots or posts. Which of these attachment possibilities chosen would depend on aesthetics and/or its ability to support the glass.

Base rails run the length of the stair, along the bottom. The glass is slotted into a groove along the length. This is a very clean look.

Pins attach the glass on the outside, vertical surface of the stair. These are an elegant and sophisticated attachment style.

Spigots attach on top of the horizontal surface of the stair and hold the panel in a gasketed groove. Spigots are a good way to visually balance a wide stairway without crowding the walking area.

Posts offer a traditional look and a sturdy way to support frameless glass railing. They can be custom-finished and spaced for functionality and aesthetics.

Glass connectors hold one glass panel to the next, or to the wall, and add strength and stability to the railing system. They come in different shapes and sizes, metals and finishes to ensure your glass railing system blends in beautifully with its surroundings.

Handrails improve safety and offer a great way to customize your railing. They can be square, round, oval, steel, aluminum or other material, polished, burnished, silver, black, etc. In cases of multi-floor stair railing, they can run seamlessly from the bottom floor to the top.

Which pieces of hardware are required for a particular railing depends on the design, aesthetics and municipal building codes.

Contact a professional contractor like Panorama Glass to discuss your choices for frameless glass stair railing hardware in Vancouver. We will help you build a gorgeous railing exclusive to your home and style.

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