What makes Interior Glass Railings a Designer's Choice

June 21st, 2017 | in Panorama Glass Blog
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When it’s time to start thinking about remodeling your staircase, or replacing that banister that your children have slammed into one too many times, many top name designers are suggesting that you go with interior glass railings instead of the all-too-common wooden ones.

Regardless of whether you go with the stainless steel handrails or the frameless glass railings, placing these beautiful railings on your staircases will make your home look even more amazing than before.

Even if we ignore the durability and safety of these types or railings, and the ease of maintaining them, there are so many design reasons to install glass railings. Here are just a few reasons why they have been a designer’s choice when building or remodeling a home:

1.    An artistic and contemporary look
Nothing can make your home look more dynamic and contemporary than the installation of glass railings. The presence of glass in a room can create a feeling of elegance and style that a wooden banister simply cannot match.

2.    Opens up the space
Glass opens up the home, creating sight lines through spaces that are normally closed up and dark. Instead of having to look through the rows of wooden barriers to see what’s on the staircase or the floor above, you have a clean and unobstructed view that makes your home look so much nicer.

3.    So many design options
Would you prefer clear glass or tempered? Would you like a texture in the glass or a tint? You’re not just picking colours of paint, you’re choosing the feel of the glass as well. If you want to add posts and frames between the glass, there are multiple choices there, such as stainless steel.

If you’re interested in updating your home’s look and design, come and talk to one of our specialists at Panorama Railings and one of our designers will help you come up with a style and look that matches your home perfectly.

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