What's Great About Glass Wine Enclosures?

June 25th, 2019 | in Panorama Glass Blog

custom glass wine display enclosure vancouver

A beautiful addition to any home is a glass wine enclosure. They provide a dash of modern elegance, while showing off your most prized possessions - your wine collection. Glass wine enclosures in a Vancouver home a great, for a number of reasons.

Wine Enclosure Design

First, these enclosures have the potential to be gorgeous centerpieces of any room or home. These enclosures are unique, and are able to be endlessly customized. Design options include framed or frameless. Frameless options are more modern looking, and give a “cleaner” look compared to framed.

Other design options could depend on the space that you are choosing to have it designed for. Depending on the location, you may have one side exposed, or all four. Other design elements you will have to choose form include wall coverings (if built against walls). Look for beautiful wood tones to compliment the glass.

You will also have to decide on racking for the wine bottles themselves. Brushed nickel metal is a good modern choice for racking design, but make sure to choose racking that compliments and goes with the decor of the rest of the space that the enclosure is placed in. You will also get to look at different depth options, with some racking holding one bottle, and others allowing for depths of 2 or even 3 bottles. Just make sure you display your wine with the label facing out.

Wine Convenience

 Wine glass enclosures are not only great because of the uniqueness and beautiful design elements, but their convenience. For the avid wine drinker, these provide a level of convenience that other wine storage options can not match. Not only will your wine collection be displayed in a modern and stylish way, but it will be conveniently accessible and readily on hand, for those nights of indulgence.

Also, the best thing about glass wine enclosures? They are full of wine.

If you are feeling convinced about how great glass wine enclosures really are, then contact Panorama Glass and start a conversation about how you can enhance your space.

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