Why Choose Glass Railing for Your Vancouver Deck?

September 20th, 2013 |

Home and business outdoor design choices that look good and make sense 

Modern glass railing has made it possible for designers and architects to add practical and stylish features both inside and outside. Interior designers are creating optical space by using glass railings on open staircases. And for exterior design, you can get a beautiful view that is uninterrupted, but still safe. If you have a deck or are thinking of adding a deck to the exterior of your home or business, you should definitely consider glass railing.

Practical Reasons 

There are a number of practical reasons that make glass deck railings a great choice and we should get those out of the way before we start talking about how great they look. Glass railings are easy to clean and maintain. They’re particularly sturdy and dependable, without the bulk of tradition railing. Plus they allow for an uninterrupted view, even if you’re sitting down. Plus you can have a high railing without sacrificing your view, in order to keep out Vancouver winds. You don’t need a special finish and you won’t need to constantly care for them in order for them to look good.

The Look 

The real reason why people get excited about glass railings is the fact that they look so good but are also practical. You can maintain a modern and sleek look with glass railings that isn’t possible with typical deck railings. Simple stainless steel braces hold up thick glass panels and can be designed in a variety of styles to suit your particular taste and design.

Businesses, such as cafes with deck space, can give their customers an uninterrupted view. Homeowners can create a safe outdoor space on the deck which children or pets can’t climb, but that looks fantastic. Glass railing really is a great choice for outdoor decks in homes and businesses in Vancouver.

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