Why Custom Glass Partitioning Enhances an Office Space

September 24th, 2019 | in Panorama Glass Blog

glass office partitions

The popularity of glass office partitions continues to grow, especially in modern and trendy Vancouver offices. Glass partitions not only provide visual enhancements to any office space, but also provide some other benefits and enhancements. These enhancements include:

  • Create Private Spaces
  • Durability and Safety
  • Flexibility

Creating Private Spaces

If you have ever worked in an open office environment, you are probably aware of the challenges that come with such an environment. Noise, distractions and organization are also challenges faced by an open office floor plan. Even adding old dividers does not help with these, as noise can still travel making work challenging at times. Creating private spaces with solid materials can also create a feeling of being trapped, or alone, for employees, reducing morale and productivity. Custom glass office partitions can be made to go from the floor to the ceiling, blocking out noise and giving each person their own “office space”. The transparency of the glass also allows employees to be in their own space, while still feeling part of and connected to other people in the office.

Durability and Safety

Glass is also a great option for partitions as they are made from strong, tempered glass which is almost impossible to break. These partitions are securely installed, meaning they are a safe, durable and long-lasting option for an office space.


Another benefit of glass partitions is the flexibility they create for an office space. Going with custom partitions gives the project manager the chance to design a space that fits with the needs and demands of the office space, whether this is small, single offices, or larger shared rooms. Some systems can also be designed to be flexible, and even changed down the road should new spacing needs arise.

With these benefits in mind, remember to also choose a reputable custom glass company in Vancouver, such as Panorama Glass. This will help to ensure that your glass contractor is able to make sure that your vision is achieved, and you get that new, modern look to your office space.

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