Why Have an Expert Install Your Glass Railing?

June 9th, 2017 | in Frameless Glass Railings

When properly installed, the exquisite look and artful design of glass railings adds stunning elegance to a Vancouver home or business. Glass railings can be the most stylish safety feature of a stairway or open upper level, indoors or outdoors. However, if they are not installed correctly, they can look unprofessional and can present a safety hazard.

Getting it Right the First Time

It’s not uncommon for Vancouver home and business owners to be forced to call in “rescue missions” where the job was done poorly the first time. This adds a lot of expense which could have been avoided if an expert installed the glass railing the first time. The lowest bid on an installation job is not always the best option.

Experience Makes a Difference

Choose only licensed contractors who are local and experienced. Vancouver terrain and weather is unique. An outdoor glass railing framed or not, is going to see some wear and tear.

The specialized installation process that comes with glass railings also comes with codes and permits that are being updated regularly. Keeping current with all safety and law requirements in Vancouver is critical. Progress reports and regular inspections are the hallmark of experts. Any contractor worth their salt is going to meet you more than halfway at every step of the process.

Up-Front Pricing

An expert contractor is not going to surprise you with hidden costs. Providing every client with detailed information on the project should be done with enthusiasm and pride. And they will only walk away when the client is satisfied.

Good contractors have integrity and will be honest about costs, materials, and the best option for glass railing for your Vancouver location. Look for someone who won’t cut corners on materials or methods, it’s simply not worth jeopardizing your safety.

With Options Come Specialized Installations

Glass railings come in different thicknesses, freestanding or mounted, curved or straight, with top rail or frameless glass rails. Glass can be delicate as you work with it, even as it becomes incredibly sturdy once it’s installed correctly. Working with it requires care, patience and expertise.

Your Vancouver glass railing will have a lasting beauty that defies rust and rot far better and longer than wrought iron or wood could ever achieve. Make sure that a professional with experience does the installation. You’ll be happy and can confidently show off your new glass railings knowing you’ve got the best.

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