Why Install Glass Stair Railings?

October 29th, 2013 |

Some modern Vancouver homes get away with beautiful stairwells that don’t have railings. The space and clear lines are immediately impressive. The sense of openness and geometric advantages make it tempting to leave out the railings. But we all know that that’s just not practical in every home and business. The risks are too high to go without a railing on most staircases. However, you can get a modern and sleek look even with a railing if you choose glass stair railings. Both Vancouver businesses and homes can benefit from the minimalist look of glass, without sacrificing safety and practicality.

Glass Indoor Staircase Rails 

Glass stair railings work beautifully in spaces where you need a staircase but don’t want to interfere with the look of open space. Glass railings, by virtue of being transparent, won’t disrupt the space in the same way as any other kind of railing. You can have safe and comfortable stainless steel railings and framing so that there’s something to grab onto. But the majority of the railings are made of glass and don’t intrude on the design of a space. Indoor staircases in a Vancouver home or business can look fantastic with glass railings.

Glass Outdoor Staircase Rails 

Outdoor railings can also be made with glass, allowing for architectural decisions that were not available in the past. Outdoor hand railings can be seamlessly integrated from balconies to the staircase, with only minimal stainless steel structures anchoring the glass panels. Balconies and decks with glass hand railings allow everyone to see the entire, unobstructed view.

Glass stair railings are also very easy to maintain and clean, making them an excellent choice for long term durability. No matter the space, indoor and out, you can enjoy design features that incorporate staircases without taking up as much visual space when you choose glass railings for your Vancouver home or business.

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